Brenda Burnam is the Leader and Founder of New Creation Ministry.  She is an Ordained and Liscensed Minister with the Bible Way Association (in Doniphan, Mo.) 

Brenda organizes all the Events for this Ministry, and is the Contact person for them.  She also produces all their Cd's, and manages New Creation for the Glory of the Lord.  

She is the Lead singer, for New Creation and Does all she can do to serve Him and make "Jesus" the center of all they do.  

She is married to Wayne Burnam, and has two grown children.  Sandra and Toby.. Sandra (pictured below) has been with New Creation since it's beginning.  Brenda and Wayne have three treasured Grand Children. 

Their Home base is in Liberty, Mo.  Her life has been dedicated to the service of the Lord through song and life lived testimony. 

Sandra Hill has been a member of New Creation since she was 9 years old.  She is the daughter of Wayne and Brenda Burnam.

Sandra is a beautiful lead singer, as well as harmony.  She plays our keyboard which is the base for all our music.  Sandra has also written several songs, One of which is our Newest Release.. "Have Faith"

She is married to Chad Hill and has 3 children. Sa
ndra has worked hand in hand with her mom to Minister for the Lord.  She has an inspiring spirit and has an anointed testimony.  

New Creation is so blessed to have her!

Chad has been in New Creation since he married into it some 20+ years ago.  He fit right into the family, and right into the group!  He is a true minister of helps...  Anything that needs done for and 'in' New Creation is gladly done by Chad.  He helps with transfer of equipment, and is a great sound man as well.    "Indispensable"  is a good word to use for Chad...

Chads' hobbies are hunting and fishing. 

Bow hunting is the favorite!
He and Wayne are always busy in one of the "Seasons"... Deer season, Turkey season,
and we can't forget football and baseball season...

"Little Chad" (Jayson Hill) is pictured with his dad.    He has decided to follow in daddys footsteps, and help roll the wires and carry the equipment.  He has informed us all that he intends to be a singer! 

New Creation is Privileged to have, Matthew Bell playing Lead Guitar. And what a Great Job he does!    Matthew has a lovely wife, Stacey whom you will see helping at our Cd table.  They live in St. Joseph Mo.
 Matt is Charlottes Bells' Son, and nephew to Brenda.
 Just keepin it in the Family! 

Matt loves to ride his Harley and go Fishing!  

Charlotte Bell has been with the group for many years now.  We think you will  love to hear her family harmony & lead songs!  She has been such a blessing to New Creation and all that hear her sing.  She has added her rhythm and Bass guitars to our music.  Really adding some great sounds!  She is also a song writer, and is adding some of her own original music to our lists. 

  Charlotte is from St. Joseph, Mo. also.   She is from a family of 9 children, Five of them, girls.  And of course, Brenda and Charlotte are sisters.  They have  3 other sisters, and 3 brothers.    She has two grown children, and Two Grand Children!

Charlotte is also a member of the worship team at the Family Worship Center in St. Joseph, Mo.  

We are grateful to have her in New Creation,

and we know you will be inspired when you hear her sing & testify!  She has also recently become a licensed/ordained  Minister with the Assembly of God Church

Wayne Burnam is Co-Founder of New Creation and wears many hats...  He is Sound man, driver, and Equipment manager.  He is married to Brenda Burnam and is the back bone of our efforts to serve the Lord. 

Always busy, he has been tireless in carrying New Creations "Heavy" equipment for 30 years. 
He says, "if he is  rewarded in heaven by pounds carried, he'll be a wealthy blessed man."

Wayne is hunting partner with Chad..
He too is always in a "Season" mood! 

Stacey Bell is Matthews wife, and part of the back bone in New Creation!  She manages our Media Table, and is always a smiling support for everyone.  

     Stacy plays the piano very well, and Sings occasionally in her local church, the Assembly of God, 

The Family Worship Center in St. Joseph, Mo.  

   She has been a great addition to our 

Family Ministry and an encouraging presence!

You'll love meeting her, so stop by our Table where ever we are and let her help you take some small part of 

New Creation home with you! 

You never know where you might see New Creation!  Keep in touch!