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                               New Creation Music Ministry



  We are setting up our spring and Summer Schedule at this time for 2018!

We will be Publishing it as it comes in.    Keep checking in, and you may see us in your own neighborhood.  It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway}.... If your church or Christian Organization would like to have us come "free of charge"... Please pass on our information to your Pastor, or CEO.  Thank you so much.

                                         2018  Schedule 

March 17th   6pm       Moment of Truth 310 Randolph Rd.   Claycomo, Mo 64119

May 6th         6pm      Kansas City Church   7700 Church Rd. KCMO



Take a look at our Schedule and see if you can join us!  We minister in music and testimony in many Churches, festivals, and Monthly Gospel Sings.  Every One is welcome to attend any of our services.  You are welcome to use the Map App below for directions! 


Our Greatest and "Only" Reward is in the Serving!  We love the Lord and Love Serving "Him".  Glorifying Him to all who will listen, We hope you will come and receive many blessings from our concerts and Ministry.   

We never charge for our services,  however, will receive love offerings if granted.  Thank you for supporting us with your presence, donations, and love offering purchase's of our Cds.  We hope all we do is a Blessing to You.